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Dudes. The Shining is playing at The Cinerama today/tonight! I’m sad I missed the chance to see Kubrick’s Lolita on the big screen (it played Weds), but you know I love me some bleak horror films with loads o’splatter.

Jack Nicholson has never been scarier than he is as Jack Torrance, slowly losing his mind in a deserted hotel in the middle of nowhere during a crazy snowstorm (aka Colorado). And of course, there’s the twins (aiiieeeee!), the blood-filled elevator, the soul-sucking bartender – and the sheer awesomeness of seeing Scatman Crothers 70s-motif apartment in all its glory (best paintings ever). If you’ve only seen the clips, you’re totally missing out. Go see the whole thing! Trust me. It’s fantastic and absolutely worth your $8.

You can skip out of work a little early today and see it at 3:30, or wait ’til later and catch the 10:15 showing…I guess I should probably mention that A Clockwork Orange is also showing at 12:15 and 7 – that one’s a bit too rapey for my enjoyment, but I know lots of people love it.