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{Ed note: Every year it seems to get harder and harder to find the perfect gift for the special +1s on our list. This year we’ve decided to combine imaginary forces and have some staffers list out the spectacular things they’ve discovered while perusing the vast indie (and sometimes not so indie) marketplace this holiday season.  For the next couple weeks leading up to the big holiday gift exchange season, we’ll post our own wishlist suggestions.

Have you found an incredible deal or something you, or someone close to you, shouldn’t be with out? Post it below!}


I realized while making this thing that it’s kind of disgusting how much STUFF I want, but uh. Well. I’m a child of 80s (queue Madonna’s “Material Girl” & my aspirations to be a teen in “the Valley”, even though Seattle doesn’t have one); let’s just leave it at that.

But also, there’s just so much good stuff out there – handmade by people who totally rock and deserve support, that it’s great to be able to share some of my favorites with TIG readers in hopes that you’ll find the perfect something-something for your family & friends.

Stackable Bird Ring from Chocolate & Steel


Stackable rings from jewelry maker Chocolate & Steel. $30 each with birdies, deer, ducks, hearts or seed pods. For sale on

Long, knitted gloves in grey, red, black, navy, or brown from Etsy seller Flapper Fashions. Only $10! Are you kidding me?

Newsprint papers from The Pencil Factory. Check out their 15 suggested uses (and 15 designs). $10 each.

Handmade Vinyl CakeSpy tote by Penguinbot. A semi-splurge-y must-have at $55.

Squee-worthy Music Lovin’ Coasters on ShanaLogic by Helena Garcia (and My Favorite Mirror). $18 for the set of 6, and totally worth it.


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