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Theyre playing our song / Can you see the lights? / Can you hear the hum? / Of our song / I hope they get it right…

Talk about shooting a big bag of sad bastard.

For a mere twelve dollars, you can shimmy your way in to Neumo’s tonight for a PDX double-header — and have your insides slayed by Blind Pilot, a band I’ve been in love with since I first heard Cheryl Waters spin them on KEXP’s Midday show. I keep a running list radio-side to make sure I remember bands that catch my attention, to reference later through playlists and MySpaces and the good (or indifferent) word of friends and music enthusiasts alike. And in the course of that first week I heard Blind Pilot over the airwaves, I wrote them down three different times. Three. That hasn’t happened since… maybe Luke Temple, or the first time I heard Devin Davis. Anyway — one’s enough to notice, and two times is a trump card… but three hits? That’s a non-negotiable. That means immediate procurment of tickets, albums, and anything I can get my hands on.

The title track off of Three Rounds and a Sound is my hands-down my favorite, but here’s another goodie that made the list that week:


And not to that the lovely Laura Veirs will be holding second slot at the show, which makes the whole thing worth it at twice the price.

Hope to see you there!