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Shopping for your loved ones can often be a daunting and stressful task. We here in imaginary land love to make your life easier. Here are a few mostly local items that would make me squeal with delight if they popped up under my proverbial tree.

Little Birdie Locket from Knee Highs and Pigtails – I am not a jewelry person, and I usually cringe at jewelry commercials that insinuate that the only way you can really tell someone you love them is with a piece of jewelry. However, there’s something adorably old fashioned about giving your sweetheart a heart shaped locket (above – bonus points if it includes photos), and this one is just to die for, made locally, and on sale.

Snap Design purse with Record Book planner – I hit the Urban Craft Uprising this weekend and fell head over heels in love with Portland designer Snap Design. My goal was to leave with a new purse, and then somehow I got distracted and walked out without one. These beautifully crafted bags are waterproof (something every Seattle lady needs!) and they come in adorable colors. I’m partial to the “two dot” black shoulder bag. And not only do they make bags, but they make adorable journals and planners made of records for the disorganized vinyl enthusiast in your life.

Nikki McClure wall calendar – Nikki McClure is a wonderful local artist who puts out these beautiful calendars every year. I know I’d love to stare at that art every day in my cubicle! Plus, Buy Olympia sells them in an economical 3-pack, so you can cross a couple of people off your list at once and still keep one for yourself!

Morning Glory Chai and tea from Market Spice – For the person you’d love to purchase all the tea in China for, Seattle produces some of my favorite stuff locally. I’m completely addicted to Morning Glory Chai, which can be found at most co-ops and finer grocery stores. And for those not into the spicy wonders of Morning Glory Chai, Market Spice Tea in Pike Place Market sells wonderfully crafted teas in bulk that make excellent editions to any gift basket or stocking (I highly recommend any of their fruit black teas!).

Frames for show posters – Nothing classes up a room like a gorgeous framed silkscreened poster. Though Ikea frames are cheap, they’re in weird European sizes, so check out your local frame shop for something that will fit all the gorgeous posters Seattle Show Posters does for TIG events (hint – most of them are 18 x 24).

The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs on 6×10″ vinyl – OK, so, it doesn’t even have a release date yet. It’s been pushed and pulled every way, and the damn website still says “TBD”. However, only 3,000 of them were made (and historically, 3,000 copies is not enough of a Magnetic Fields release for it to have much shelf time in a store), so you could still surprise your sweetie with pre-ordering a copy, and then maybe wrap a 10″ square of cardboard with the cover of 69LS on it. I know I’d love to see that under my tree this year!