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The Imaginary Zine - Three Imaginary Girls 10th AnniversaryAs part of our big 10th anniversary year of celebrations, we are working on an old school zine (DIY black/white photocopied with a cd of rare tracks) recapping some of our favorite posts and moments from the past 10 wonderfully imaginary years. If you have any favorite articles you want featured in the zine, let us know.

But, the main thing is, we don't want it to be all one-sided. We want your favorite imaginary moments to be featured in the zine as well!

Please please please share your favorite imaginary memory!!! It could be a story of something that happened at a TIG event, or how you heard about TIG, or a thought you have about TIG or what you think of when you think of TIG, or something about anything related to the site.  Your quote can be anywhere from 3 words to 100 words and you can email it to us at liz at threeimaginarygirls dot com.

The only thing we ask is that you get it to us by Saturday, March 31.

And while we're chatting about 10th Anniversary fun, don't forget the two other anniversary events we have coming up in the near future:

Friday, May 11:  
Allo Darlin and the Wave Pictures at Vera Project (all ages).  Go enter to win tickets!

Friday, June 1:
Rockstar New Wave Karaoke at Chop Suey with amazing folks like Sean Nelson, Alicia Amiri, Lesli Wood, Jenny Jimenez, Anna Banana, Megan Seling, members of Mal de Mer, exohxo are set to karaoke their new wave hearts out. And you can take the stage too!