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On the heels of Joseph's excellent Eels review*, it's worth mentioning that Mark Oliver Everett has a book coming out this fall entitled Things The Grandchildren Should Know (St. Martin's Press). He looks back at being raised by a world-renowned physicist, and how Mr. E got to where he is now (playing the Showbox 4/11). For those who can't wait, the book is already out in the UK.

*A quick note that while Essential Eels is a best-of collection, completists should know that there's an unreleased track in the middle – a cover of Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On".

This brings us to Dean Wareham. His current project is with his wife Britta Phillips (and Dean & Britta are headlining a bill with Keren Ann at the Triple Door on the 15th), but most people know him from fronting indie noteworthies Galaxie 500 and Luna. His book, Black Postcards (out now on Penguin), reminisces on his experiences toiling in obscurity with bands who always seemed to be on the cusp of making it big but either imploded or finally faded away. From the excerpt I've read on Dean falling for Britta & how it ended his first marriage, as well as the effect on the band, it's a very honest portrayal of even his worst moments.