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Holy bajeezus! It's the week for popfest announcements! The lovely folks over at Indietracks have put out their innitial lineup for their amazing train station festival in Derbyshire, UK for July 24th-26th. They're advertising five stages, free steam train rides, and indie pop discos. This lineup hurts my head, and last night, all I could think was to make a 30 Rock reference, and I just kept saying "I want to go to there!". (Bolded where it causes me great excitement!)

BMX Bandits/ Bonne Idée/ Camera Obscura/ The Carrots/ Cola Jet Set/ Cooper/ Countryside/ Disasteradio/ Downdime/ Eux Autres/ Fitness Forever/ The Frank And Walters/ Hong Kong In The 60s/Kevin McGrother/ La Casa Azul/ Le Man Avec Les Lunettes/ Little My/ The Lovely Eggs/ Lucky Soul/Mighty Mighty/ Nick Garrie/ Northern Portrait/ One Happy Island/ The Pete Green Corporate/ Juggernaut/ Pocketbooks/ Ray Rumours & The No-Eyed/Dears/ The School/ Single/ The Smittens/ Speedmarket Avenue/ Ste McCabe/ Tender Trap/ The Understudies

At least for me, the most amazing thing about this lineup is Mighty Mighty, an amazing Birmingham band who were a large part of the C-86 scene (and who appeared on the compilation of the same name that spawned an entire generation of amazing bands) and whose song "Built Like A Car" is one of my favorite 80's jangle songs ever. Mighty Mighty were one of the C-86 bands that sort of disappeared into obscurity, and even an in depth googling proved difficult to even find much information about them (thanks a lot, Mighty Mighty Bosstones). Of course, it's not just Mighty Mighty that's impressive! Former Northwesterners Eux Autres are also on the bill (congrats, guys!), as well as my personal favorites, the Smittens! Cross your fingers that something magical happens and I end up getting to go to this festival!