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Today igLiz and I met with two of our awesome new all-ages writers, imaginary chelsea and elle, and we started talking about interviews: the perks (meeting cool and/or attractive rock stars!) and the downfalls (transcription, ergh). Which got me thinking….

I'm not one to get too starstruck around folks these days. I love a band guy or girl as much as the next superfan, but I tend to retain a really strong sense of this-is-just-a-human-being reality that keeps me grounded about these sorts of things. Of course, I did spaz out a bit when I met Amy Winehouse at SXSW, but I think I was just so surprised by the bump-into-the-one-person- I-was-most-excited-to-see aspect of the whole sitch. And when I met Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields at the 826 Benefit pre-Bumbershoot last year, I was nervous for sure (but that was mostly because I'd heard how awkward and misanthropic he can be).

This I started thinking: Who would I completely refuse to interview because the very idea of meeting him/her would leave me far too starstruck to speak/think/blink coherently?

For me, no question. There's no way I could form an iota of a thought around this guy:

How about you? Is there anyone you admire but would refuse to meet because you were just too awed?