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The iPhone doesn't go on sale until 6pm tonight – but folks are already in line at the Apple store. One guy got in line at 4pm yesterday. His logic: "It's great to be first in line. You don't want to get here and hour later and be second." I, not to be punny, second that logic. 

I remember waiting in line with my friend Aaron all night to be first in line for Duran Duran tickets (the reunion tour, but there's still something super cool about getting first dibs at seats), and remember your first midnight on Monday album release shopping spree to get that much anticipated album the moment it is available for sale? 
Wahoo! It's that kind of anticipation giddiness is really what gets me going. 
Waiting… it is both our friend and our foe.
Is there something that you're waiting on the edge of your seat for? The new Okkervil River album? Or perhaps, the new BOAT album (reminder: one week away). Oh, Harry Potter?