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I don't want to write too much on this to take anything away from my friend Imaginary Kiku's forthcoming review of Beck's performance last night at Bumbershoot (and I know we're in disagreement already). I do, however, want to put this out there and ask the question that was running through my mind for most of last evening: Is Beck bullshit?

When Beck was on stage, he went mostly through his catalogue of hits – and some of them are very good ("Devil's Haircut", "Loser", "Where It's At") and those were well received. When he closed out his set (before the encore) with 4 or 5 slower, less signature songs, the crowd was indifferent at best. This was also the same performance he could have given at any stop on his tour – there was nothing about this that made it unique. Is Beck becoming an oldies act? One small group in my section was debating the merits of visual vs. performance art late in the set and when I left I overheard a handful of Scientology/L. Ron Hubbard jokes.

Maybe I'm mistaken. I did spend a lot of time listening to Odelay during my teenage years but have only enjoyed a few singles recently and haven't really cared for a proper Beck release in the 2000s. He didn't sound bad or screw up any lyrics or anything. I was disppointed. Am I full of shit? Was I (second-hand) smoking the marijuana that was prevalent throughout the set? Comment below and let me what you all thought.