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Because if not, I'm also very anxious to catch the UK pop/punk power trio The Subways at Chop Suey on Monday night.

It's been over 2 years since the band released their debut album Young for Eternity domestically but I've yet to grow tired of their single "Rock and Roll Queen" (below). It's a fun and catchy pop-rock song that has been in consistent rotation on my iPod for quite a while.

The band (finally!) has a forthcoming album in September called All or Nothing, produced by Butch Vig. I haven't heard the album yet (but I hope to very soon) but the NME has and this is what they had to say:

If you’re tired of your favourite bands bemoaning the ‘difficult second album’ on the eve of phoning in substandard sophomore efforts, spare a thought for The Subways. Enduring Billy Lunn’s potentially voicebox-curtailing surgery, then the in-studio break-up of the guitarist and his bass-playing childhood sweetheart Charlotte Cooper, the trio’s difficulties cut deeper than the drummer getting into jazz or the singer preferring multipacks of Monster Munch to writing good tunes. It’s astonishing to consider then that, with their second record, the Welwyn Garden City band have somehow made the best British rock album of the year so far.

Even if the NME is known for hyperbole at times, this is still one of the forthcoming records I'm most interested in hearing.

Here's the video for "Rock and Roll Queen":

And here's the video for "Girls and Boys", the first single from All or Nothing. I especially like the interplay between Billy Lunn's and Chalotte Cooper's voices and how they work together and against each other.