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Late Fall tour dates are starting to trickle out, and one that caught my eye also offers up a strange combination of talents.

First, the really positive news – after multiple sold-out, uncomfortably packed nights at Neumo's, The Mountain Goats finally graduate to The Showbox(!) on October 20th. In a twist, though, it's being billed as "The Mountain Goats and Kaki King present: The Last Happy Night of Your Life". I didn't realize my happiness would end on a Monday night, but at least I know it's coming in advance.

In John Darnielle's own words:

When I try to talk about Kaki my usually reliable fund of superlatives seems insufficient. She is just the best. I am so excited about this tour. We can't wait to play music with her every night, and we can't wait to see you all there.

Is this just promotional hype that will result in each artist playing their own sets, or will there be on-stage collaboration?

With Superchunk playing Bumbershoot, does this mean more tour dates from that amazing band are forthcoming, and Jon Wurster won't be part of this iteration of The Mountain Goats?

Is anyone else as confused as I am at Darnielle's choice of opening acts through the years?