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Barack Obama at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner tonight held at the NYC Waldorf Astoria. I knew he was an amazing and inspiring speaker. I had no idea he was so goddamn hilarious.

Even McCain was cracking up–sometimes with a grimace, but cracking up nonetheless, to lines like this one, regarding Guilani:

"Who would have thought a cross-dressing mayor from NYC would have a hard time winning the Republican nomination? It's shocking."

That's a tough primary you had there, John."

It's kinda long, but damn funny through and through:

Barack also revealed a few October surprises, the best of which was:

"And my middle name is actually Steve. Barack Steve Obama."

McCain was also kinda funny… not as funny as Barack, but he's got a few zingers in there too:

"Maverick I can go, but Messiah is about my pay grade."