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Norman PalmAs much as I put down the Pioneer Square music scene, I love a good cover.

I mean c'mon, REM doing "California Dreamin"? The Postal Service doing "Against All Odds"? Dolly Parton doing "Stairway to Heaven?" You just can't beat it.

Earlier this year I raved about the Sexton Blake album of covers (which I'm still loving btw). Imaginary headquarters just got an email from one Norman Palm, a band/fellow outta Berlin (Deutschland) who has put together a limited edition 7 inch vinyl release of his Damien Jurado / Low – esque version of "Boys Don't Cry" b/w "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." If you want to keep things in the digital realm, he also has the songs available for purchase on iTunes.

Want to preview the songs? Visit the Norman Palm MySpace for a test drive.

Looking over his virtual merch table he's all about the artsy side of product releases. There's a digital version of a book to accompany one of his records, as well as a mess of his art / photos scattered on his MySpace page.

And because I'm now jonsing for some video… here's a few favorite cover videos on the tip of my tongue this morning…

Colin Meloy and Ben Gibbard doing Blur's "End of a Century"

White Stripes doing Tegan and Sara's "Walking with a Ghost"