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I don't think TIG has a correspondent covering this weekend's Bonnaroo Festival somewhere in Tennessee, so the next best thing must be reading TIG favorite (and perennial Santa Claus) John Roderick's blog of the festival for

Some of my favorite lines from the Long Winters frontman:

On the Hold Steady: "…their live show is undeniably full of energy, full of engagement, and full of whimsy, their music is full of s–t."

On Ween: "I’ll confess up front that I cannot possibly understand Ween. For years they seemed like an elaborate prank, like eventually they’d say, 'Ha! We were just kidding the whole time. We’re actually Yale cultural studies majors trying to determine how ludicrous a band could be and still have a following, and we’ve determined that there is no limit. Thanks for participating.'"

Extra bonus points are awarded for calling my very, very beloved Fountains of Wayne "an absolutely perfect American rock band."

Read the whole blog here.