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The British music scene tends to behave like a pendulum, where one extreme is "justified excellence!" and the other extreme is "unsupported hype!". These days, we seem to be in the "unsupported hype" end of the swing, at least based on the yawning results of the likes of the Klaxons, Good Shoes, Enter Shikari, etc etc. The Horrors might exist somewhere in the middle, actually deserving some of their hype. "Jack the Ripper" is a lo-fi, Cramps-like punk song about, well, Jack the Ripper. It a lot of fun, catchy and shows the sort of anarchistic energy that made early Brit punk so great. The band might be a little gimmicky with the goth look/theme (and band members named "Coffin Joe" and "Spider Webb"), but they seem to have at least some chops to back their sound. Of course, by the time the Horrors get stateside, the wave of NME-sponsored hype will probably leave most people saying "bah!" to the Horrors, which is too bad.