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Jesus and Mary Chain vs Project RunwayI went to last night's Jesus and Mary Chain show at the Showbox SoDo and I was so surprised by the less than capacity show (although it was GREAT to see all the imaginaries in attendance – hi hi hi!).

My theory why the band that I feel inspired a majority of today's harolded bands didn't sell out the venue?

Last night was also the season premiere of Project Runway.

At my home we went old-school stylee and set the VCR to tape it so we can catch up with the rest of the pop-culture loving country tonight (but don't let that stop you from inserting Project Runway exclamations below). Do you think everyone else just had Project Runway parties to go to and that's why they couldn't make it out to worship the brothers Reid ? Or is it not as cool as I think it is to see JAMC live in 2008? Or was it the steep $30+ tickets?

Furthermore, does anyone else think it's at all kinda weird that JAMC had Psychocandy t-shirts for sale at the show?