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Joan Wasser, known to perform and record as Joan As Police Woman, raved it up with her band the Dambuilders in the 90s. More recently, Wasser played violin for Antony & The Johnsons, where she was really noted, though she's also played for everyone from Elton John to Joseph Arthur. She lost her lover Jeff Buckley to a terrible death, and has transformed this mourning into work as sensual as his own.

On Saturday night she's going to play for you, Seattle audiences, caressing her delightful hands up and down the keys of her piano and singing at the glorious Triple Door. You will get to hear the quiet rage, sorrow, and lust of songs like "Christobel," "Flushed Chest," and one of my favorite singles of last year, "Eternal Flame." 

Please go see this amazing woman play in the best venue in Seattle for her dark, elegant, beautiful work.