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John Vanderslice - Photo Laura Musselman

According to the press release, this new JV album, Romanian Names, is "the best record he's made to date." Apparently he recorded the album demos in his basement, giving the process a lot more time to breathe and grow organically.

I'm just psyched for a new John Vanderslice record. I understand the ethos of establishing the argument of "this is his first album with us, therefore it is THE BEST" but… Seriously?

Sorry Dead Oceans, I'm reserving judgement until I hear the full album. I don't believe anything could "top" Pixel Revolt or even Emerald City. Then again, perhaps I'm judging too hastily.

Why don't you have a listen to the track "Fetal Horses" and decide for yourself.

(Thanks for the photo Laura Musselman!)