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As you're winding through your summer reading list, be prepared to add a new tome to your plans for upcoming fall literary releases: Juliana Hatfield will be following up a new album with an autobiography.

From the PR:

Juliana Hatfield has unveiled details of her upcoming memoir, entitled When I Grow Up, slated to be published by John Wiley & Sons on September 29th. The book follows the renowned singer/songwriter's much-anticipated new album, How To Walk Away, due from Hatfield's own Ye Olde Records on August 19th.

At turns wryly funny and heartbreakingly sincere, When I Grow Up offers Hatfield's inimitable perspective on her remarkable 20-year career. Penned during her recent year-long sabbatical from music, the book chronicles her extraordinary journey, from her teenage beginnings in the pioneering indie-rock combo, Blake Babies, and iconic rise to alternative solo stardom, to the past decade's stunning streak of increasingly mature, critically acclaimed albums.

When I Grow Up takes readers backstage and behind the scenes of a life lived in rock 'n' roll, detailing the origin of her songs, her battles with clinical depression, and her quest to find purpose after all of her dreams had seemingly come true. Throughout the book, Hatfield recounts her skyscraping highs and deep, dark lows in the same engaging voice her fans have loved for years – spirited, witty, and always candid.

While I may not have super-high expectations for her next record (though I don't think history has been too fair to her work, considering her influence) I will definitely be reading this book when it comes out. I interviewed her bandmates in the Blake Babies back in 1993, and am going to find a copy of that tape to listen to whilst reading Juliana's description of that time period's events. More than that, I would love to hear what she thinks about her relationship to the music industry as a woman — something to ponder especially this week as we head into Liz Phair Madness! (See you Wednesday night at Chop Suey gang!)