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Well, on the internet you have to take everything with a 2 ton grain of salt, but NME is reporting that not only is Guns 'N Roses 14 year-in-the-making album Chinese Democracy in the can (as they say) but Axl Rose is getting a reality TV show about the process of making the album.

Now, I, for one, am confused. I would assume that Axl has been diligently working on Chinese Democracy for the last decade and half, spending David Geffen's many millions of dollars, crafting an album that will forever change our view of music. That being said, unless Axl had the incredible foresight to film all of this process since the mid '90s for posterity, what exactly are we going to see? The album is done (supposedly). Will we enjoy Axl rolling in his pile of cash? Will we watch Axl get a celebrity makeover? Will he find love with Flavor Flav?

The real countdown begins, now, I suppose. Will Chinese Democracy become a reality or is it another dream that will not come true in our lifetime. (And how much would I pay to see Axl Rose come running in with his hair extensions and all to the Olympic Stadium in Beijing to light the torch during the opening ceremony? Boycott that? I think not.)