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Hmm. Is Charleton Heston commanding my iPod from beyond the grave? Cause here's a band I haven't listened to in ages, popping up on my first iPod Roulette spin since the death of the gun-toting superstar. The Chuck Hestons are a trio from Connecticut, and their MO is somewhere between They Might Be Giants (comic, sometimes silly lyrics), Crash Test Dummies (the way the lyrics recount a story, and a dude with long brown hair), and Jethro Tull (flute rock!).

The song name-drops our heroine Ms. Brewster while likening a difficult decision to "the time when Punky Brewster was offered drugs up in her tree fort," using this unforgettable TV moment from '80s childhood to demonstrate that "everything always works out in the end." They do it again with the Dukes of Hazzard's Uncle Jesse's brush with the law for brewing moonshine. "What would they do? Would Bo and Luke be there soon?" And finally, verse three recalls Little House on the Prairie, when Pa and Half-Pint came face to face with a grizzly bear. "What would they do? Would they get chewed? Would they be food?"

But between each verse we're reminded that "the good guys always win," which is the whole point. No silly, Punky didn't take the drugs; Uncle Jesse didn't get put away in the slammer; and Pa and Half-Pint were just fine. Because, as the Hestons say, "everything comes together in the end."

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