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Kaylee Cole photo from MySpaceOK, I admit, if 'acoustic-based singer-songwriter' had a section at the record store, I'd be hopping over it — despite the fact that many of my favorite artists could at least one time in their careers be labeled as such. Like garage rock, it can sound like 'abandon hope all ye who enter here' these days.

New label Aviation will be releasing a disc from Kaylee Cole soon, and she will be playing the dapper Triple Door Musicquarium on Thursday evening at 9 PM. I intend to hit the opening of the EMP Pop Conference but then jet over to the venue to check out her set, because what I've heard of her strings-deepened, soul-sweetened songs has knocked down all my usual reservations of the genre she would probably be classified in.

Although Cole was at home in the dark and boozy Sunset a few weeks ago, charming even the crusties who hung near the little lip of the stage there, this very young lady from Spokane could find no better place for her velvety, rum-bathed, morning-after meditations. I play the six-songs I have over and over again, which are recurrent visitations of love's eternal ache and somehow avoid all the cliches of same.

Here's more on Kaylee for now, and I hope to see you at the Triple Door's little jazz lounge Thursday night.