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Tuned in to 90.3 FM here in Seattle this week? If so, you may have noticed that our friends over at the station (yep, we're talking about the crew at KEXP) are smack in the middle of their final pledge drive for the year, and we'd like to remind you that making a donation is part of the imaginary way! Did you know that site founders Liz and Dana met one fateful day in the pledge room over a decade ago? And that KEXP is one of the big reasons Victoria relocated to the Pacific Northwest back in 2008? No kidding.

Whatever your story, if you're a fan of TIG, we're quite sure that KEXP has played an important role in your world — whether it's something as simple as a memorable driveway moment, or if the music they champion and the community they support has interspersed throughout whole chapters of your life. In either case, right now is the perfect time to put your money where your heart is: donate online at, or put a call in to that pledge room (yep, the very same one!) by dialing (206)903-5397.

You'll be glad you did! We can quite literally guarantee it.

{Photo courtesy of the KEXP blog.}