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Well, we were going to tune in this morning amidst the Radiohead photos and oohs-and-ahs from Andrew Bird's performance last night that are clogging our social media streams to tell you that Eef Barzelay needs your help to make a new Clem Snide record. But as it turns out, with twenty-three days left in the fundraising project over on his Kickstarter page, he's already made the $10,000.00 goal needed to get cracking on the recording.

Barzelay is no stranger to the Kickstarter world, funding a few of his recent efforts the same way — most notably, Clem Snide's Journey, an EP chock-full of the greatest Journey songs you'd ever want to keep on repeat — but this one has a bit of a twist: he'll be recording an album of the songs he's been commissioned by his fans to make over the years, and has a great take on the gap-bridging that takes place in the process that he explains in the video for the project above.

We might be wrong here (Eef, let us know!) but even though he's made his goal already, folks who continue to pledge amounts between $1.00 and $2000.00+ will still receive the benefits listed. With everything from an advance copy of the album to "Fan for Life" status (where you are guest-listed for every show, forever) to a private show and a weekend with Eef in Nashville on the table, it's practically impossible not to donate to the cause.

So, get your wallets out and head over to the Kickstarter page to make a donation! As past patrons, we can 110% guarantee that it's worth your hard-earned money. Promsie!