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{Over the coming weeks, our staff writers here at TIG will be posting their best of 2007 lists. We welcome you to read, comment… and most of all, VOTE for your own favorites in our Best of 2007 Readers Poll.}

2007 was the first year I really got into shooting live music. Its a great form of photography that you cannot fully apreciate until you have shot it. Every show is a challenge. You often cannot be sure of how much time you will have, lighting conditions, how many other photographers are shooting, where you will be able to shoot from, etc.

That being said, I have seen countless amazing Live shots from our talented NW Photogs. I decided to include five shots from other photographers and five of my personal favorites I shot from the past year. Aww the memories. In no particular order…

Fergie: By Chona Kasinger -I CANNOT STAND FERGIE.. but this photo is PERFECT. Chona is Amazing and it was a pleasure meeting her at Bumbershoot this summer.

The Arcade Fire: By Gregory Perez – This Sasquatch performance blew me away. I had never before seen Arcade Fire. I was standing next to Greg shooting myself but I must admit I was more tuned into the epic performance than shooting my photos.

The Flaming Lips: By: Renee Mcmahon -I just love this shot overall. Color, Composition, the mood. A band whose known for their live show. Renee makes you wish you were there.

The Blakes: By John Conner Good old Fashioned Rock & Roll Light blurs. This pic is a great emphasis on LIVE. The Blakes had a great year in 07.

Fleet Foxes By: Allie Pasquier – A great example of HORRIBLE lighting conditions where she still got the shot. These intimate KEXP bumbershoot sessions were amazing for music but photography was tough. Allie caught the perfect moment during one of my favorite bands of 2007. My Top 5 Personal Shots of 2007.

MIA -I was trying to focus my lens but distracted by those moves, those tights, those hips. I LOVE this shot and its a great memory of such a fun show in 2007.

Rakim -The man is a hiphop Pioneer. It was cool getting to see him perform and getting to photograph him. He had a way of controlling the mic as well as the crowd like few MC’s. I think this shot really showed that.

Ghostland Observatory – I honestly thought I might get trampled and destroy my camera during this show. The crowd was nuts and the music was amazing. Did I mention there was a lazer show?

Film School – I had never seen these guys previously. This KEXP member only show was small and intimate but the sound was anything but that. They brought rock that left me feeling like I just experienced a seizure.

Crowd during The Beastie Boys – The Boys “Jazz” set during day 1 of Sasquatch Festival packed in way too many people. We photographers battled flying bodies among other things in the pit to get the shot. I loved this fans dedication. Seeing the Beastie Boys was definitly one of the best musical memories I have to date.