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I normally listen to music while driving/riding my bike/working. During any of these activities, my mixes are super random and I’m a big fan of Shuffle mode on the iPod.

Instead of listing off albums, I decided to share ten of my favorites songs from 2007, both local or otherwise. It was a great year for music, one that expanded my musical tastes. Attending festivals and shows to shoot photos exposed me to some bands I would never have known otherwise, ones that are now in constant rotation.

In no particular order (and with photos I’ve taken this year, where applicable):

The Arcade Fire – “Antichrist Television Blues”

Brother Ali -“Walking Away”

Japanther -“River Phoenix”

The Lonesome Rhodes – “Sunshine”

Siberian – “Belgian Beers and Catholic Girls”

Mewithoutyou – “Messes of Men”

Andrew Bird – “Imitosis”

J Tillman – “Steel on Steel”

Kevin Drew – “TBTF”

One Be Lo – “Gray”