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One of the most pleasant discoveries I made this year was the Pop Machine, who I saw for the first (and at this point only) time at the Capitol Hill Block Party {review}. I was won over by their Ramones meets B-52s pop punk sound and youthful energy. I was eager to see them again, but it would not be the case for a while. In my review I wrote:

This set, which lasted a very quick 30 minutes, was the first (and maybe last) with a new drummer. It turns out that Brandon was the drummer who had recently quit the band and left them with only time for one practice with a new drummer. He did a fine job keeping up and fit in to the band well, but one of the guitarists told me afterward that he was in another band that is getting ready to tour so they are in need of a new drummer before they can book any more shows.

I hope they find one soon.

Well, they have finally found a new drummer and are set to play some shows again, with two coming up next week: one at the Comet Tavern and another (all-ages) show at the Lower Level of the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

Even though the band quotes my review verbatim on their MySpace blog without mentioning either me or TIG (tsk, tsk), I will most likely be there for at least one of their shows. I highly recommend everyone else do the same.

The details are:

  • December 29 at the Comet Tavern with Wallpaper, Luminous Craft, and Husbands Love Your Wives. $6, 21+.
  • January 2 at the Capitol Hill Arts Center (Lower Level) with the Pranks and the Blue Ribbon Boys, $6, all-ages.