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Seattle, WA, June 14, 2004 —, "Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press," will be co-sponsoring an all-ages Ladyfest Showcase on Saturday, June 26, 2004 at Graceland.

The night will feature a stellar lineup of some of the finest female Northwest artists, including The Catch, Ms. Led, Scream Club, Schoolyard Heroes, Smoosh, and Mon Frere, and will also feature DJs Les Saucettes spinning 1960s French-pop between the bands' sets.

Opening band Mon Frere impressed the imaginary girls when they won the finals of EMP's Sound Off competition 2004, a yearly contest for all-ages bands in the Northwest. The trio features clangy keyboards and raw, piercing lead vocals from front-woman Nouela Johnston.

Also on the not-to-be-missed list are Smoosh, featuring sisters Asy and Chloe, whose indie-pop keyboard/drums songs display musical prowess well beyond their years (they're 12 and 10, respectively). The duo has opened for Death Cab for Cutie and Sleater Kinney, and has their first full-length release coming later this year on local label Pattern 25.

"Smoosh write and play really good songs. They craft catchy-cute melodies with sophisticated timing changes, sweet vocals, and incredible song-writing — and they're so damn cute!" said imaginary girl Dana. "We fully expect they'll be superstars one day."

The bill also features the aggressively punk-pop Schoolyard Heroes, the audacious mohawked rap-rock babe duo Scream Club, the infectious melodies of post-punk feminist-rockergirls Ms. Led, and the foxy sass-mouthed new-wave pop hooks of headliners, The Catch.

"We can't wait to see Scream Club live, with that so-scary-it's-foxy matching makeup and mullet aesthetic they've got going on," said imaginary girl Char. "Any band that garners undying praise from Time Out, Yeti, Venus, Bust, Bitch, and Yoko Ono in one press page has to be stellar."

"And The Catch — they're the styliest girls in town. I can't wait to see what color leg-warmers and pumps they've got on, or to hear all the great material from their forthcoming release this summer. Plus you get to hear Schoolyard Heroes and Ms. Led, all on the same bill? I can't believe we get to sponsor this all in one night. It's too good," exclaimed imaginary girl Liz.

Three Imaginary Girls are no strangers to the Seattle rock scene. During the past two years, the girls have reviewed hundreds of live shows and CDs in Seattle and beyond. They also book local music showcases, and have hosted various rockstar karaoke events, such as their Labor Day buttrock karaoke party, their Silly Love Songs Friday the 13th Pre-Valentine's Day Bash, and an indie-rock holiday party that raised hundreds of dollars for local charity,

WHAT: Three Imaginary Girls Ladyfest show with The Catch, Ms. Led, Scream Club, Schoolyard Heroes, Smoosh, and Mon Frere. This event is all-ages.
WHERE: Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave E.
WHEN: Saturday, June 26, 2004. Doors open 8p.
COST: $10. Ladyfest 5-event passes are available for $35. Advance tickets available on the Ladyfest Seattle website.

Ladyfest Seattle is part of a global tradition of all-volunteer, non-profit organizations raising awareness of women's issues through artistic pursuits. The original Ladyfest was held in Olympia, WA in 2000 and generated over $30,000 for women's charities. This year, Ladyfest Seattle will donate all proceeds to the local women's health center Aradia and Amnesty International. Voter registration will be available at all events, the quota of male to female artists in an act has been abolished, and half of the events will be all-ages.