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L'amour Fou
{L’amour fou opens in Seattle Friday, 5/27, and is playing exclusively at the Landmark Seven Gables}

Fashion junkies rejoice: L’amour fou covers every bit of master couture designer Yves Saint Laurent’s life as a trendsetter and style-making icon.

Told through still images and handheld camera footage from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s—including tours of their grand houses (an art-filled apartment on the Left Bank in Paris, a lush mansion in Marrakesh, and a beautiful house in Normandy)—this film should satisfy both history buffs and people longing for a glimpse inside an elite and glamorous world. From runways to discos, each frame of this thorough documentary resonates with impact.

Laurent’s long-time romantic partner of 50+ years (who also helped him found his own fashion house once he was let go from Christian Dior), Pierre Bergé, speaks candidly to the camera about Yves rise to fame, his struggle with drugs and alcohol, his decision to retire, and his death. After losing his beloved, Bergé decides to auction off their 20-year collection of art with Christie’s as a way of letting go and healing. His face as each piece is bought is a bundle of emotions, and rivals the beauty of the vintage photographs and ground-breaking designs shown throughout.

Appearances by Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger, and a brief, yet beautiful, glimpse of the exquisite Catherine Devenue singing to la Laurent at a fashion show punctuate this lovingly-told life story, but it’s really the love and admiration of Bergé that says the most about this fascinating man.

I highly recommended this to documentary fans. Whether you worship couture or not—you’re guaranteed to like this.