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It's no surprise that the Arctic Monkeys' second album Favorite Worst Nightmare is the #1 album in the UK in its first week, but stateside, the Monkeys made an equally impressive debut at #7. Maybe I'm just out of touch, but I had no idea that the Arctic Monkeys were that popular in the colonies, but here they are, in our Top 10 comfortably. Unfortunately, they couldn't match their UK position meaning we in the US still live under the reign of Ms. Avril Levigne whose new album is #1 for a second week.

TIG fave Amy Winehouse is almost Top 10 material, now perched at #11 while we can appease our metal readers by pointing out that Norway's Dimmu Borgir entered all the way up at #43. However, if you're looking for the new music trend, look no further than the pair of debuts in the top 30 by, yes, Neil Sedaka and Donny Osmond. Ah Bad Music BBQ, where are you now?