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OK, I'm not really saying that radio is dead. It's not, but it is kind of flailing around a lot right now and living here in Davis, CA if you enjoy your music to be interesting and non-repetitive, you get KDVS or the classical music station (and NPR – but it always distracts me and confuses me – then again, that is the point of NPR, right?).

Anyway, the point being is that at one point I had a good list of MP3 blogs so I could replenish my iPod with fresh new music that other audiophiles suggested on their blog. However, my list is gone and probably woefully out of date anyway. So, I ask fellow TIGers to suggest their favorite MP3 blog.

Maybe if you're lucky, I'll compile it somehow for all to enjoy. The interweb is the new radio, right? Well, until the recording industry makes it impossibly expensive to stream anyway …