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Sweden's Love Is All have been one of my indie pop crushes for quite some time, and I've never had the pleasure of seeing them rock out live, but that will all change this Sunday at Nectar! They'll be performing with non other than Brooklyn's toast of the town, Vivian Girls (who have been slowly working their way under my skin for weeks now).

While LIA's latest effort, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night, is less spastic (and sounds less like X-Ray Specs) than their previous work, the infectious pop hooks and undeniable dance beats make this a sure bet for my year end list.

Here's a video of their song "Wishing Well" that's been stuck in my head for weeks. (Spoiler alert: This is your typical indie pop video, where it's just the band members running around and doing cute things, but they're Swedish, and they can pull it off.)

As for Vivian Girls, I'm hoping to be officially won over. This song, "Tell the World" off their self titled album, has been doing the trick lately.

Both bands perform at Nectar (21+) this Sunday.