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Team Gina photo by Kyle Johnson

I've mentioned it here before, but I am very anxious to hear the new forthcoming Team Gina LP — even if at the time the details were scant.

Finally, all kinds of details were magically delivered to my email inbox. Here's what I know (and now I can stop holding my breath in anticipation):

  • The album is called Products of the '80s and it will be released on Don't Stop Believin' Records.
  • The CD release show is one week from today. It will be Tuesday, June 17 at the War Room with Alphabetix (from Portland).
  • The first single is called "Rock the Like" and the video is below.
  • They are also part of the oh-my-fricking-gawd-it's-exciting Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville night at Chop Suey in a little over two weeks. I know what songs they're performing and trust me, you're not going to want to miss it. (Apologies for the shameless plug.)

PS, awesome photo Kyle!