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Fresh off the series of John Spalding benefit concerts, Seattle just keeps giving it back tenfold — this time it's a listening party for Love Land's The Beautiful Truth. Here are the details:

On the night of Monday, February 16, 2009, please join together with us early to hear all of John Spalding's one and only solo album, Love Land's "The Beautiful Truth." This unique and beautiful solo album was created with the help of members of Minus The Bear, Past Lives, These Arms Are Snakes, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and others, and will be played in its entirety at Seattle's bistro with the most buzz, Gainsbourg.

Minus the Bear's Erin Tate will be the host DJ, but other artists are contributing to spinning the long-awaited album (and later on other related music as well).

John lost his battle with cancer earlier this winter, and Gainsbourg's co-owner (and ace journalist) Hannah Levin let the world know about the story behind his ten-year-in-the-making album for the first time in her Seattle Weekly column before he passed on.

This will be a warm and casual listening party among friends/fans, an advance sale for the physical release of the twelve song CD (copies will be there), and fundraiser for his Memorial Fund combined.

Love Land's "The Beautiful Truth" will officially go on sale the following day, and has already gotten previewed in the SW, The Stranger, Sound Magazine, and been played muchly on strong supporters KEXP.

Due to it being a Monday night, things will kick off at the cozy and elegant Gainsbourg early around 8 PM, with the first DJ going on at 10. Gainsbourg is located at 8550 Greenwood Avenue North, and is a perfect place for all of us to hang out and celebrate John's memory and the actions of those who love him.

In addition, Gainsbourg will be giving 10% of all food and drink sales that night to the Memorial Fund, which helps John's family pay the phenomenal costs of his medical bills. A great night out for an even better cause — hope to see you all there!