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The Lucksmiths!

Looks like this lil tour of the Lucksmiths has brought out all kinds of folks exclaiming their praises… which means now there's more folks signing our petition to have them tour the states perpetually for the next five years (or at least take up residency in the Pacific Northwest for a year or so).

Wouldn't Marty Donald make the cutest Vivace barista ever? Or maybe they could support their NW lifestyle by having a reality show crew follow them around. A little "The Art of Making Espresso for Two" anyone? They would surely get into the sweetest of predicaments. Oh, but I digress…

In case you missed Monday's Seattle Lucksmiths stop (shame on you), you can read about it on Finest Kiss. Toby was in attendance and has a nice recap of the evening's events and setlists! (Gosh, I love fellow completists.) The Sound on the Sound folks were there too and joined our Math & Physics Club adoration society! They also posted some lovely MaPC photos as well.

On Wednesday, The Lucksmiths played with the Brunettes in Chicago. Pitchfork reports on all of the action and has some INCREDIBLE PICTURES. Oh the beauty of black and white photography.

They play New York tonight and tomorrow (oh, you New Yorkers with your battling NYC and Brooklyn scenes) and I can't capitalize and bold loudly enough that you should GO TO not one — but BOTH SHOWS… and report back… and take pictures.

And, rumor has it the Lucksmiths are looking for an opening act (and some gear to borrow) at their New Orleans stop. To our friends down South, please do jump in on that action!

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of more title and storyline proposals for the TV series.