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Are you infatuated with Don Draper, the mysterious and sexy adman in AMC’s series “Mad Men”? (Um, wait. Who isn’t?)

Mad Men fans should check out the new documentary Art & Copy, screening at the Northwest Film Forum today through August 27th. See the real mad men and mad women behind the cultural touchstones created by advertising.

“Rare interviews with industry legends reveal the stories behind the big campaigns that turned simple phrases into larger cultural concepts, from Volkswagen’s ‘Think small’ to Apple’s ‘Think different’ to Nike’s ‘Just Do It.'” Read more and purchase tickets at Northwest Film Forum.


I saw this entertaining and informative film during its SIFF screening. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with the women behind breakaway advertising campaigns in the ’50s and ’60s. The show Mad Men leads us to believe there weren’t women movers-and-shakers during that period (Peggy Campbell notwithstanding). Art & Copy shows us the reality behind the Mad Men. Women were there, too!