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Truthfully, I’m even a little star-struck just typing this: Adam Franklin (singer, guitarist and main songwriter for Swervedriver) will be headlining the late show at the Comet with Bolts Of Melody (his back up band) this Saturday, January 23. You  probably remember Swervedriver best from your Shoegazer 101 class Freshman year when your professor pointed all the points of brilliance of Swervedriver songs like “Duel” and “Rave Down.”

Even more lovely is that taking the stage before Adam will be some of Seattle’s finest fuzzy indie-rocksters: Black Nite Crash, Nightmare Air (actually from Los Angeles), and Bronze Fawn.

If you didn’t make it that far in the class (or opted for Paisley Underground 101 instead) – behold the 90s ‘gazer-ness:


And if you want to fill in the cracks of your shoegazer / Swervedriver studies even more– go to where they’ve filled the site chock full of loads of live tracks for everyone to download and adore.