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{How To Write Like I Do}

Rad people backing up a great cause is the chocolate-and-peanut butter of our functioning world. In this particular case, it’s a troupe of excellent craftspeople aligning their skills with 826 Seattle for a series called How To Write Like I Do.

826 Seattle, in case you’re not familar, is a nonprofit writing center that helps students aged 6-18 with the development of their respective writing skills — everything from workshops to publishing to book reports, free of charge. And every year they do this cool series of workshops with some of the industry’s best and brightest, covering topics surrounding the written word from every concievable angle. Of course, we’re particularly excited for John Roderick’s installment, How To Be A Musician When You’re Not That Good Of A Musician, which takes place on August 11th at 7pm.

All proceeds from all events go straight to benefit 826 Seattle, of course. Here’s the whole lineup:

04.19Jess Walter, How To Find The Story In Your Story
04.18Myla Goldberg and Megan Kelso, How To Write (No!) Draw (No!) Write (No!) Draw (No!) Like (With) Me
05.16Lauren Weedman, How To Write Semi-Autobiographical Short Stories
06.14Gary Copeland Lilley, How To Write About The Truth Even Though The Facts Aren’t Cooperating
08.11John Roderick, How To Be A Musician When You’re Not That Good Of A Musician
10.11Jennie Shortridge, How To Create Flesh And Blood On Paper
11.01 Langdon Cook, How To Tell The Truth Like A Bald-Faced Liar

Visit the website to see more detail on the authors, to pick up tickets, and to just generally nerd out on all the fantasticness that’s coming our way. Including a sweet shot of Lauren Weedman mid-armpit shave. (Yes, really.)