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Sometimes I'll channel surf in my car and switch radio stations when KEXP plays some folkie, beard rock or too earnest for its own good indie rock. I'm not saying I'm proud of it, I just do. Now doing so will a little easier on my conscience. 

A very necessary, but no less sincere, congratulations are in order to The Stranger's Megan Seling for being named as the new host of 107.7 The End's local music show, "The Young and the Restless," replacing current host Chris Travis.

To quote Line Out (and to mostly reiterate what I just wrote but with more humor):

The Stranger’s own Megan Seling, long-time local all-ages booster, podcaster extraordinaire, and regular guest on the End’s local music show, the Young and the Restless, will be taking over said show in a matter of weeks. Rationalizing about how this job totally won’t make her a soulless corporate shill, Seling says, “I don’t have to play Paramore! In fact, I can’t play Paramore, since they’re not local—it’s against the rules.”

This is a great decision for The End – Seling has been an excellent voice for local music at least as long as I've been reading The Stranger regularly (6 or 7 years now). She's a very smart writer who knows her shit. She's also written the best article The Stranger has ever published.

Congratulations are in order to everyone involved. To Megan for earning this excellent opportunity and to The End for more than making up for their decision to fire DJ No Name a second time.

"The Young and The Restless" airs Sunday nights from 8-10pm.