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Who knew the Cyrus family would be the next musical family dynasty? Some of us may remember Billy Ray Cyrus ("Achy Breaky Heart") and Miley Cyrus — aka Hannah Montana — seems at times the only bright spot in the economy. Now comes Miley's slightly older brother Trace and his band Metro Station to bring us hormonal punk pop. If you like Fall Out Boy and are under 25, you may like this album. If you are over 25, the album is still catchy and listenable but the lyrics may come across as juvenile.

Metro Station is an easy listen. It bounces and pops with a mix of synth and guitar riffs. It falls in line with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, and Jimmy Eats World. The majority of the songs fall into the "boy meets girl" realm which seem fitting for the 18 year old Cyrus. The songs that work best are "Shake It" and "True to Me," simply because the mix the great beats found on all the songs with lyrics that better transcend a particular generation.

I think there's a deifinite niche for Metro Station. If the band's lyrics can mature with them, they may find some longevity.