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"So, what are you going to again? A puppet show?"

Well, no. Sort of. Not really. Let me explain:

I braved the blustery cold last night for pay-what-you-can night at Theatre Off Jackson, specifically, to go check out Evan Mosher (you remember the "Awesome" cycle, right?) and some other local notables do voice-overs and sound effects for bizarre, shadow-puppet goodness — all old-school radio-show-slash-"Annie" style. Sound bonkers? It was.

It also just generated the longest run-on sentence, ever. My apologies. But read on:

Sgt. Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes: A Terrible Price for Whimsy

Nov. 28 – Dec. 20, Thurs.-Sat. @ 8p

REMOUNT! (When the first mount just wasn't enough!)

"A Terrible Price for Whimsy" centers on boy inventor Roscoe Riley. Young Roscoe's troubles begin when he discovers that time travel and tequila just don't mix. A drunken ride on a timecycle ends with history in shamble. Now a repentant Roscoe and his trusty dog, Scampers, must put things right. But first, Roscoe must deal with murderous first ladies, philsophical hominids, shady Mexican street dogs, rampaging zebras and his own sexually confusing future.

With a nod to Tom Swift books, Merry Melodies, Tintin, early Monty Python and Icelandic pornography, "A Terrible Price for Whimsy" promises to be one of the most eccentric and enjoyable shows of the holiday season. A roller coaster ride for the imagination.

Strictly for adults, the show is bawdy, intelligent, highly entertaining and more than a little absurd. Subversive without being cynical, sly without being ironic.

And all of those things, it was. They neglected to mention the implied penis ballet, the spectacular light show, and the raucous laughter that ensued — the only time I stopped (literally) was to catch my breath and hold my sides.

More info is available here, the Stranger recommends here, and taking it all back to the "Awesome" roots here (where you can also add one more thing to your Eight Million Rad Things To Pick From For New Year's Eve list).