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As many of you know, I loved LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver (a 9.7 – highest score I've ever given) and I still do. And now, James Murphy has graced us with a video for my favorite song on the album, "Someone Great." This song has the potential to be the "Such Great Heights" for LCD Soundsystem (even if the video features a "radio edit" of the track).

Judge for yourself – the video is cool, albeit a little creepy.

Not only that, but LCD Soundsystem released the Bunch of Stuff EP this last Tuesday, and come November, the famed Nike-comissioned 45:33 will get released on CD/LP with extra remixes and such. Combined that with a single with remixes of "Someone Great," a split 7" with the Arcade Fire and continued touring, it is a DFA-full fall for all of us!