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Seattle Weekly just announced the lineup and ticket sales for their music festival REVERB, and I'm impressed — and excited The whole shebang goes down on October 6th, all nine stages are at different locations throughout Ballard, and three of them are even all-ages

At the end of a festival season that saw many music fests jump from Seattle-bands only to national acts, this lineup is a refreshing reminder of just how many great local bands we've got right here in our humble awesome town.

Tickets for the event are available and are cheap — only $8 for all the bands below if you buy in advance, $10 day of show. Bravo on this one, SW… a great lineup, and one that doesn't break the bank! Buy 'em here!

REVERB festival lineup:

Conor Byrne 5140 Ballard Ave NW
12am – Billy Joe and The Dusty 45s
11pm – The Bad Things
10pm – Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies
9pm – The Tripwires
8pm – Mark Pickerel & The Praying Hands
7pm – Jeff Fielder
6pm – Kristen Ward

Lock n Keel 5144 Ballard Ave. NW
12am – The Lights
11pm – The Maldives
10pm – Jen Wood
9pm – J. Tillman
8pm – Battle Hymns
7pm – Levi Fuller
6pm – The Knast

The Tractor 5213 Ballard Ave NW
12am – Girl Trouble
11pm – Boss Martians
10pm – Pleasureboaters
9pm – Madraso
8pm – Partman Parthorse
7pm – Ms. Led
6pm – The Animals At Night

Bop Street Records 5219 Ballard Ave NW (ALL AGES)
9pm – Das Llamas
8pm – Hypatia Lake
7pm – TacocaT
6pm – The Kindness Kind
5pm – Throw Me The Statue
4pm – Talbot Tagora
3pm – Sleepy Eyes Of Death

The Sunset (5433 Ballard Ave NW)
12am – Grynch
11am – D. Black
10pm – Macklemore
9pm – Locke
8pm – Das Vibenbass
7pm – Fleet Foxes
6pm – Carrie Biell

Miro Tea House 5405 Ballard Ave NW (ALL AGES)
7pm – Spider Trio
6pm – Pwrfl Power
5pm – Mike Dumovich
4pm – Troubletown

Outdoor Stage corner of Ballard Ave & NW 22nd (ALL AGES)
9pm – Voyager One
8pm – “Awesome”
7pm – The Pharmacy
6pm – The Valley
5pm – Siberian
4pm – Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death
3pm – The Whore Moans
2pm – Sunday Night Blackout

Sonic Boom 2209 NW Market Street (ALL AGES)
9pm – No Fi Soul Rebellion
8pm – Central Services
7pm –Bird Language
6pm – Charles Leo Gebhardt
5pm – TV Coahran
4pm – The King’s English

More info available at Seattle Weekly's music blog, here and here.