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So, nothing like a good Christmas surprise. I'm all for them. However, my friend Bloodfist forwarded me this article from the Boston Globe and I died a little.

Let's hop in the way-back machine. Growing up near Boston, I got exposed to the early '90s Boston rock scene, including such luminaries as Juliana Hatfield, Lemonheads, Pixies, Tanya Donelly and, of course, Letters to Cleo. Kay Hanley was a personal favorite, so when I read that Kay Hanley and Stacy Jones, both from Letters to Cleo, are part of the musical team that is bringing us the HANNAH MONTANA/MILEY CYRUS tour, well, I was mortified. OK, sure, you need to make a living, but going from Boston modern rock legends to … a tween Disney backup singer, well, it just sort of makes me sad.

Just to make me feel a little better, here's Letters to Cleo's "Here & Now" …