Three Imaginary Girls

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We’ve seen so many amazing photos of Bumbershoot come in over the weekend, it’s been hard to choose which ones to use. So we thought we’d ask some of our favorite local photographers to pick their personal three favorites from their weekend’s work and to share them with the rest of the imaginary class.

Here are photographer Eduardo Brambila’s favorite three, in his own words…

Panic at the Disco: I really like this one because it’s a portrait even though it’s during a live show. It looks as though he posed so that I could take a picture. Not to mention he’s not bad looking… (yeah.. not at all!).

Gogol Bordello: I really like the sharpness and colors that came out on this one. There is a little lens flare which I still need to fix… but other than that it shows motion and uh, um, he, uh well.. he’s foreign? Which is cool!

Lillydale: I’m a sucker for lighting from the back and creating an outline out of light. She also had a man fro, which is kinda cool.


We think Eduardo is um, kinda cool too! You can see why by visiting his Flickr page.