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Thank You My Teenage Stride I don't think I was prepared for today to be like it is:

  • The first official Monday in April (which kinda makes it the first official day of the month, since I lose track of date and time on the weekdays).
  • An extremely code Seattle day… there's reports of snow and some morning kindergartens have been cancelled!

The good news is:

  • The new Jarvis album, Jarvis, will be released domestically tomorrow.
  • I just happened upon My Teenage Stride – a Brooklyn band (not to be confused with being an NYC band) that satiates my Stellastarr* needs. It's been a while since Stellastarr*'s last album and even though that one had a couple gems, there's few things in life like "My Coco." MTS mix in a nice taste of The Aislers Set, The Chills, Velvet Underground, and way early JAMC. I think there's a rumor going around they're going to be touring a bit soon (including playing a house party in Boston — get thee an invite!). Keep your eyes posted on that trusty calendar!

Now the cold weather and April-ness is a bit more comprehendible.