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A new band (at least new to me) that has found its way into steady rotation on my iPod is a BC-based all girl band called Vancougar.

One of the areas of music I pretend to be an expert in is with all-girl groups, so Vancougar is a band I would be interested in, at least in theory. After hearing their latest record on Mint Records, Canadian Tuxedo, I'm really enjoying it. The lovely lovelies have a sound that has lyrical similarities to the All Girl Summer Fun Band, but the melodies rely on a slightly more aggressive, garage rock sound. The songs are still catchy and the backup harmonies compliment lead singer Eden Fineday's lyrics nicely.

"Obvious" (right click here to download) sounds like a traditional 60s girl group song with a big, singable chorus, steady drum beat, "ooh ohh ohhs" in the backing vocals. If it was included on Rhino's essential girl group compilation One Kiss Can Lead to Another (my favorite item in my record collection), few would notice it being out of place.

Vancougar, before returning home to (uhh) Vancouver, will be playing at The Wild Rose on Saturday night, November 8.