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I just read this news on MySpace, and I gotta say, I feel LUCKY that Nada Surf have recorded another record!

as you may have noticed, a new nada surf record is coming out in february. it's called lucky, and we're very happy with how it turned out.

the reason i'm writing is that we're putting together the album art and part of it revolves around the title. we've tended to have titles in the past that embraced the up-and-down nature of life, particularly because, like most people, those are the sorts of lives that we've been living. but remembering to be purely grateful has been taking on more and more importance of late, paticularly after the last few years in which we've all experienced some real challenges in our personal lives. we are lucky to be alive, to do something we love, to have people around us that we adore, to still have hope in ever-increasingly distressing times, to be members of a species that can live long, to have music and books and movies and experiences that enrich our lives and that give us endless new angles on how to best navigate easy and trying days. having any positivity at all feels more and more like something to embrace and to celebrate.

If you would be kind enough to share with us what you feel grateful for, we could include it in some of the text that will be part of the album art.
the address is:
l u c k y @ n a d a s u r f . c o m (without any spaces)

thank you so much for contributing and helping us with this project. we're lucky to know you.

More details available here.

Anyone going to email Nada Surf? What are you going to say you feel lucky about??