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Just got out of my first Bumbershoot show of 2008, an incredible early-afternoon performance by Neko Case. The lovely Neko was clearly giddy to be back in front of her hometown, and performed for over an hour of songs way too sad and sultry for the partly sunny day.

More deets coming soon, but here's my first crack at the setlist. Some TBD items will be researched and included with the full review.

  • The Tigers Have Spoken
  • New song! Title = Blue Blue Baby?
  • Deep Red Bells
  • Teenage Feeling
  • New song! Title = Middle Cycle?
  • I Wish I Was the Moon
  • A Widow's Toast
  • Star Witness
  • Margaret Vs Pauline
  • Knock Loud
  • Maybe Sparrow
  • Dirty Knife
  • A song about Harry Neilson TBD
  • Hold On
  • Favorite
  • John Saw That Number
  • Buckets of Rain
  • New song!
  • Look For Me (I'll Be Around)